We offer flexible resourcing solutions to bring the best people to your projects.

Our resource-delivery model allows you the flexibility to build a team that best meets your technical, cultural, and financial goals; from one to many and full-time to OnDemand.  We offer variable solutions to bring the best people to your projects, and as our full-time employees there’s no concern of co-employment issues.  In addition, to the traditional hiring practices of Contract, Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hire, Unison offers alternatives for larger-scale Enterprise Staffing and Payrolling needs.

Rapid Ramp-up – Program and Project Team Recruiting / Onboarding

Often your program is large enough that you need a dedicated recruiting team to staff and maintain your projects. Your internal recruiters are already busy with the demand for organizational direct hires and/or are not specialized in the technical areas of your projects. You may need to hire and on-board 5-25 resources in as little as 30-45 days, that’s where we can help. Our project recruiting teams are trained in Unison’s Rapid Ramp-up hiring and onboarding programs. Unison specializes in hiring proven and known resources and can scale to meet your program’s technical and engineering needs quickly.


Need a payroll provider? Unison’s Payroll Services has flexible and affordable options for you.

We assume regular payroll, insurance and benefit responsibilities.

We offer a strong healthcare benefits package that attracts talent, 401K program and bonus options that meet our client’s retention and project completion goals.

IT & Applications Staffing  Services

Our IT Staffing Services are dedicated to software; from Enterprise Systems to custom applications, our people are experts in the design, development, integration and support of today’s enterprise software and data systems.

Engineering & Design Staffing Services

Unison Systems Engineering group is a recognized name across the industry, we work with 90% of today’s leading Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas suppliers.  Over the last 16 years, we’ve worked hard to maintain one of the strongest reputations in the industry for quality and reliability.

SAP Resourcing

Our SAP resources are proven, respected industry leaders whom over the last decade have delivered successfully for our clients.

We apply industry best practices, follow proven methodologies, and pragmatically deliver SAP programs and integration projects. We are dedicated only to the resources and are not tied to license fees or reseller quotas, saving our clients 17%-25% on average.

Data Services – Analytics, Migration & Management

Unison’s Data Analytics services helps our clients solve even the most complex data challenges.

We enable our clients to make better decisions from better data; understanding the data, bringing consistencies to data collection, management and reporting.

Whether a symphony, a sports team or a software project,

when people work in unison, success is inevitable.