Ashley Sommer
Ashley is an experienced sales executive who has worked in the IT Consulting Industry for the last 7 years.  She was born on a small island named Okinawa in Japan. Her father served as a proud Marine for many years. Ashley grew up in Littleton, Colorado and graduated from the Metropolitan State University of Colorado with a degree in marketing. She enjoys hosting family and friends as well as trying new restaurants around town. Ashley and her husband love to travel and have visited countries as far as Seoul, South Korea. You can catch her spending time with her two teen daughters, Nadia and Danika, and her rowdy but charming 5-year-old son, Chase. They recently added a new addition to the family, Scout, who is a mini Bernedoodle.

Work: “I love developing lifelong relationships. It’s such a treat to meet new people, hear their stories, and help where I can.”

Passions:I love spending time with my family, going to Red Rocks Church, traveling, and listening to music all day, every day.”

Guilty Pleasure: “Reality TV shows”

Food:Keep the bread away from me please or I’ll eat it all…Love me a good steak and some chocolate too!”

 Bucket list: “I’d love to stay in one of those little huts over the ocean in the Maldives in addition to visiting where I was born in Japan.”