Debbie Chrenen Weiner
Debbie has been directing operations at Unison Systems for over 20 years! Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Debbie has a Business degree from the University of Iowa and moved to Denver shortly after graduation. Debbie has been instrumental in Unison Systems’ growth over the past two decades, scaling operational processes from a dozen people to over 250 employees in recent years.
Work: “I am a supreme planner, a talent that pays huge dividends every day with the large volume of business activity that comes my way”.
Passions: “I’m a dog lover who loves finding new and exciting spots to go for walks with my beloved Golden Retriever, Bailey.”
Food: “Salad connoisseur”
Guilty Pleasure: “Reese’s and Snickers”
Hobbies: “Photography and portraits, digital album creation for weddings and formal family events.”